abuali-speech4“In our experience, there was a permanent link with our homeland, and no doubt that our comrades were always keen to convey the image to us in all aspects; but there is a difference between seeing the image of a human and seeing the human himself.”

“This generation grew up and made its own experience, not from the side of contradiction with ours, but from the side of enrichment. In the scene of the Intifada there were creativities that did not come from the leadership of the revolution in the PLO; this was represented in the establishment of new rules of social relations, not written, but popular revolutionary laws that organized people’s relations to one another, social solidarity and many other issues, which stemmed from the reality of the experience itself.”

“I have read a lot about settlements, but I did not imagine it on this land as I witnessed it by my own eyes. Everyone who reads about settlements cannot estimate the real scene which is extremely serious, not only for the destiny of the land, but for the destiny of the entire Palestinian people, in which it is a strategic scene in the Zionist mind.”

“I am completely convinced that the conflict between us and the Zionist enemy is an existential conflict and it can’t be carried through unless we acquire the power and energy of national actions at the political, social, economic and combat levels. We must think comprehensively; the strategy – as we see it – cannot be built on one pillar alone, but instead on proper programmatic political foundations, solid economic foundations to support our people to struggle, good organizational societal foundations, and the foundation of possessing the right to resist the occupation. Who said that there are people in the world who are under occupation want to handle their case with platitudes? This never happens”.

“We need a comprehensive political review to ensure the extrapolation of how to objectively understand the enemy. This requires courage in self-criticism and accountability.”