Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that the legacy of the martyr and leader Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa inspires the Front to continue to raise high the banner of resistance and continue on his path to achieve our national goals or die as martyrs.

In a message addressed to the comrades of the PFLP imprisoned in occupation prisons and delivered to the comrades in Megiddo Prison holding a commemoration of the eleventh anniversary of the martyrdom of Abu Ali Mustafa, the imprisoned General Secretary said that the path of Abu Ali Mustafa is marked by revolutionary commitment, sacrifice and love for the people, maturity, experience and humility, integrity and creativity.

Sa’adat’s message emphasized the need to rebuild the Palestinian national liberation movement to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, confront and repel aggression and occupation, including the relentless settlement campaign. Sa’adat made particular note of the ethnic cleansing campaign being carried out in Jerusalem in order to Judaize the city and force out its Palestinian people living with constant attacks. He denounced the attack on the Palestinian activist Nariman Tamimi and her children in Nabi Saleh, in full view of the world, as well as the racist Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, whose constant threats against Palestinians make it clear that he thinks even the disastrous “peace process” that has brought nothing of benefit to the Palestinian people is too generous to our occupied people and must be ended finally and violently.

Sa’adat emphasized the need to develop a Palestinian resistance program that makes the occupation pay a price at all levels.

The prisoners’ commemoration included a talk by Comrade Jaafar Abu Salah, calling for rebuilding the Palestinian national movement to confront the arrogance of the occupation and the violation of all international conventions. Abu Salah pointed out that Abu Ali Mustafa was always committedd to the path of liberation, the culture of resistance, and the maintenance of national unity. Prisoners from other Palestinian factions, including representatives of Fateh, Hamas and Islamic Jihad all spoke at the gathering among prisoners, saluting Abu Ali Mustafa with a unified tribute to his role as a leader of the Palestinian people, committed to resistance, liberation and national unity.